MDF plant

Korosten MDF manufacture produces environmentally friendly Rezult products (MDF and laminate). Plant is equipped with a modern production equipment it has a large warehouse and broad transportation network.

Completely new equipment was installed in 2011. The technological line of German companies Siempelkamp, Homag, Wemhöner. Additional equipment is also carried out by Siempelkamp using equipment giants such as Metso, Buttner and others.
of MDF production250 000 m³ per year
of laminate production 6 mln. m² per year
Press ContiRoll which was installed on the plant has length 35.4 meters. The design of the press ensures uninterrupted pressing process in a both directions (along the length and the width). As a result it increases productivity, makes lower costs of raw materials and provides the best quality of final products. Korosten MDF manufacture has launched its own production line of resins with a maximum capacity 150 tons per day. It allows to cover the needs of the plant, as well as it makes possible to operate with maximum flexibility in the field of price/quality ratio and perform any additional customer requirements for product strength.
places 535
ceaselessly 24/7
Main advantage of the plant is a high quality of natural raw materials. We use only certified non-business softwood timber.
Plant has a large storage warehouse space for the MDF and laminate products (more than 27 thousand sq. meter.) As well as it has a special warehouse for one-time storage of 70 thousand. cubic meters of wood, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the company for 2 months.
The amount
of investment170€ million
Production is fully compliant with ISO 9001 international quality standard, ISO 14001 In 2015, successfully passed a comprehensive audit of the conformity of production with ISO 9001.

REZULT company is a guarantee of stability in everything starting from partnership relations to the quality and on-time delivery. It is also guarantee that your will have a solid foundation under your feet and confidence that you’ve made a right choice.