Fuel pellets – energy, raw materials for which are waste own sawmill production. It is a cylindrical pellets of standard size.

Types of pellets produced pellets
6 mm pellets

Production technology

The raw material enters the crusher, which are reduced to the state of flour. The resulting mass is fed into the dryer from it – in a pellet press in which a compressed wood flour pellets. Compression during pressing increases the temperature of the material, lignin, contained in wood particles soften and stick together in tight cylinder. To produce one ton of pellets takes about 2.3 -2.6 cubic meters of waste wood, plus a 0.6 cubic meters of sawdust is burned per tonne of production.

The final pellets are cooled, packed in different packaging – from small 15 kg package  to big-bags (big industrial packing) weighing 1,1 st ton (under Rezult or private lable) – or delivered to the consumer in bulk.

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Wood pellets of high quality (white and gray) is used for heating of residential buildings by burning in pellet boilers, stoves and fireplaces.

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