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The use of MDF

MDF is a finely chopped wood plate used as an alternative to wood material in construction and furniture industry. MDF is the most popular material through a number of its properties and the fact that it cost less then timber up to 60%.

It is also the most rational and cost-effective solution in the manufacture of furniture. It has such properties as practicality, moisture resistance, environmental friendliness, low cost, flexibility of use a high level of sound insulation.

MDF materials are widely used in furniture and construction industry.

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As an example, MDF plates are used in production of a housing blocks and shopping pavilions.

MDF widely used in formwork building, wall covering, creating a sub-floors, wall panels, headliners, false ceilings, stairs, window sills, doors and roof strengthening.

This material doesn’t spread harmful vapors and prevents the spread of fungi and bacteria, that allows to keep clean space.

low-density MDF – is an excellent insulation material. The process of working with plates is very simple and doesn’t require special knowledge and skills.

There are three main types of MDF:

  • Polished MDF boards – kind of board has an average density, smooth on both sides, hygienic, easy to clean, moisture-proof. This is a great option for furniture production.
  • Laminated MDF boards – add shine to products, increase its moisture resistance properties and allow the manufacturer to operate in a wide range of colors or imitate natural wood species.
  • Water-resistant MDF boards – have increased density, not deform or break down when exposed to moisture. The main advantages of these boards are:  strength, sound insulation and easy handling.

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The use of wall and ceiling MDF panels

MDF panels are rapidly gaining popularity in the construction market due to its aesthetic, performance and characteristics.

It has medium density. By their manufacture do not use harmful and phenol resins. The fibers in the manufacture of bonded via lignin which allocates timber during thermal treatments.

MDF panels are used for decoration of offices, restaurants, bars, balconies, walls, corridors and verandas. Special water-resistant panels are used for decoration of kitchen and bathrooms.

The advantages of MDF panels are:

  • moisture resistance,
  • thermal insulation,
  • eco friendly,
  • low price,
  • wide range of colors,
  • easy handling and installation. The thickness of the panels ranges from 3 to 60 mm, length up to 3.66 m, width of 1.5 to 207 m.

The use of lumber (boards and bars of pine)

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Pine – one of the most popular material in construction, it has a high strength, resistance to deformation and it is rich on resins, which makes pine wood more fireproof than deciduous tree. It’s also fairly elastic, flexible and easy in work material.

Sawn pine used in the furniture manufacturer, in the construction and interior decoration.

Timbers are mostly quite popular and common material, as it is eco-friendly, durable, reliable and as well as wood – the most accessible.

Let’s consider two types of lumber – timber and board.

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Timber is a wood product with a 100 mm thickness and width, used in the manufacture of furniture, in the construction, manufacturing and packaging etc.

The main types of boards:

  • timber treated with two opposite sides on the longitudinal sides.
  • timber treated with three sides on the longitudinal sides.
  • timber treated with the four sides on the longitudinal sides.
  • dried timber, driven processing to the desired size.

According to the classification, boards divided into – shaped, glued and bale.

Depending on the timber quality it has a proper sphere of applications.

Profiled bar – this is the best option for the construction of a country house. With timber having such a shape in cross section, the construction of the house becomes easier and faster. House is folding like a “building kit”.

Glued laminated timber widely used in the construction of buildings (any kind of building work). Its technology is complicated, so it has a high price.

Cylindered timber used in construction of houses, porches, gazebos, saunas, country houses.

All wooden frames, joists and bases are made of timber.

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One of the most versatile wood products used in construction is a board. It has a thickness 100 mm and double width or more.

The kind of the board depends on the edge of propylene, face side, processing and arrangement of the board in the log.

Field of application depends on the moisture percentage of the board:

  • 8-10% humidity – (dry materials), flooring, boards, panels.
  • 12-16% humidity – (universal materials) baseboards, window frames, architraves, door boxes.
  • 18% humidity – sheathing, exterior trims, roofs, doors and boxes of the windows.