Sawmill company

Ukrainian Sawmill Holding Company (UHLK) is environmentally friendly manufactory which produce sawn, timber and wood pellets under the brand REZULT. It was founded in 2015 and currently equipped with a modern outfit.


Company has a large warehouse and broad transportation network. It is the largest project in Ukraine in a field of timber production and it is ranked in top 10 largest sawmill companies in Eastern Europe

Mr. Robert Schultz

Sales Director

In timber sales since 2002 with international experience working for projects in Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Russia and now in Ukraine.

Mr. Martin Henne

Project Manager

Mr. Martin Henne was CEO and CTO in Europe's leading sawmill and wood based panel industry such as Klausner Group, Binder-Holz Group, Pfeifer Group and Kronospan.
As a self-employed project engineer, he has made several sawmill projects for Kronospan, Klausner and Binder Group.


Refining 1,2 MILLION m³ of wood per year

UHLK’s sawmill equipment guarantees precision cutting ± 0,5 mm, it’s the perfect geometry of the timber and the highest useful output among similar equipment.

Drying cameras Mühlböck allows to achieve the highest quality of drying with minimum energy consumption.

400 Workplaces


The main product of the plant is a sort timber. Two lines of SPRINGER lumber sorting system provide maximum throughput with careful material handling. A quality control system MICROTEC allows to avoid errors inherent in the "human factor".


UHLK plans to launch 3 additional plants for the production of moldings and laminated products.

sawmill company


REZULT is not just a high-quality material. It is a guarantee that you will have a solid foundation under your feet and confidence that you’ve made a right choice.

Production Address: Ukraine, 11501, Zhitomirskaya reg., Korosten, st. Oktyabrskaya, 11-B.

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