Formwork panels

Sawmill holding that unites the biggest in Eastern Europe sawmill companies: UHLK, Korosten MDF plant and Rezult House (producer of glued CLT panels and modular houses) has launched the production of formwork panels according to the Austrian standard ÖNORM-B 3023


Dimensions of plates (according to EN13353)



21 mm / 27 mm

Width / length:
500x 2000 mm;
500×2500 mm;

The main advantages of Rezult formworks plates are:

– Profitability
Repeated use of the same number of plates allows to achieve a larger production area.

– Strength
Perpendicular-gluing of layers provides endurance of high loadings of a surface.

– Stability
Resistance to stretching and bending, which allows you to get clear, smooth and straight surfaces.

– Resistant to aggressive environments surface
Special impregnation (yellow) based on urea-melamine adhesive treated under temperature pressure allows to protect the surface from cracking, bonding with concrete and reduces absorption.

– Water resistance
The special structure of the central layer “with a frame” with elastic steam-stopping impregnation of end faces prevents moisture getting inside and protects from microbiological damages




Three-layer board made of dense wood (pine), glued crosswise

Reliable adhesive, resistant to water, alkalis, weather and boiling

Polished surface treated with urea-melamine resin for concrete smoothness and easy cleaning

Slab dimensions (according to EN13353): Thickness 21 mm / 27 mm
Width / length 500x 2000 mm; 500×2500 mm;



Compared to laminated multilayer plywood, three-layer formwork plate is much lighter and safer to use. The lower weight of the plate allows its installation and dismantling by one person, reduces the weight of the entire formwork structure which speeds up the overall time of work and increases their safety.

No deformations
The mechanical properties of the three-layer board are much higher even comparing to plywood of the same thickness and  quality. Bends and deformations are minimized. Therefore application of a plate at concreting gives the chance to receive more qualitative, visually attractive and stable concrete surface.

Geometry accuracy
Plates are made with high accuracy of geometrical sizes and with special protective processing of a surface and edges. For some sizes, a cladding frame is used to protect vulnerable areas. When installing the slab, they are very close to each other, which ensures a smooth concrete surface without joints and minimizes the risk of damage to the slabs and concrete surfaces.


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