Cut-to-size line

Since July 2017, Rezult has been providing a high-precision cutting service of MDF/HDF sheets. The professionalism and experience of our team as well as the availability of high-tech German equipment Schelling Ah 8 330/230 guarantees the quality of the works and high speed of processing of materials.

Annually production capacity of this line – 38 000 M3

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Main advantages of this cut-to-size line are:

– High performance/ flexibility

– Diverse feeding systems for optimal material supply

– Optimized material flow – via the quickest path through the plant

– Turning device or turntable for head cuts enables optimal material usage

– Dual or triple infeed carriage to the cross cut saw for optimized production cycles

– Manually supported or fully automatic: sorting and stacking devices

– Graphically supported operation and online diagnostics

– Optimization program with possibility of custom calibration

– Parts tracking, labelling, and versatile logistics specials

– Individually configured handling or packaging system

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Cut-to-size line plant for wood Schelling Ah 8

Modern technology and high motor performance – that’s the main advantages of cut-to-size plant Schelling Ah 8. Moreover It masterfully processes a wide variety of timber materials precisely and highly productively. Whether it small MDF parts cutting or also big series, thanks to the most modern programming and automation everything runs smoothly and safely with the Schelling Ah 8.

210x297 fh 4 5 neu v1.indd

Designed according to customer request, adapted to the space available. Turning device or turntable for head cuts enables optimal material usage. Manually supported or fully automatic.


Feeder travel speed Forward up to 80 m/min backward 80 m/min

SAW travel speed forward up to 150 m/min backward 150 m/min Clamp opening 150 mm

Main saw motor power 32 kW

Main SAW blade Diameter 520 mm / Projection 165 mm / Max. book height dep. on material: up to 144 mm

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